Salvador Llaudes

EU Analyst. Currently working as a Research Assistant at Real Instituto Elcano and PhD Candidate at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He is also a founding member of CC/Europa project. BA in Contemporary History (UCM), BA in Political Science and Public Administration (UNED), MA in Democracy and Government (UAM) and MA in Diplomacy and International Relations (Diplomatic School).

Alan Odobasic

Based in Marbella. Passionate about new technologies, he’s amazed how Economy really shapes Politics. Always open to new projects. The best is yet to come.

Samuel Diethelm

Industrial Engineer and Web developer currently based in Madrid. Interested in all the inner workings of technology and scientific endeavor. He is the webmaster of this site.

About Us

WithTheVoices is a multidisciplinar website, which aims to talk openly about the past, the present and the future. We’ll treat topics such as History, Economy or International Relations. With about 10 active collaborators and occasional writers, we offer you at least twice a week some precise analysis about what is going on in the International Arena. Of course, writers’ opinions do not reflect the position of the website, but their own.


Francisco José Rodrigo Luelmo

Historian. Researcher and PhD Candidate at UCM, Madrid. He did both research stays at Charles University in Prague and at the Institute d’Études Politiques de Paris-Sciences Po. He’s also worked as a researcher at the OSCE Office of the Secretariat in Prague.

Javier González López

Historian. M.A. in Contemporary History (UCM). Currently studying Social and Cultural Anthropology. Main research topics: Urban History, History of Madrid, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.

José Antonio Gil Celedonio

Senior Civil Servant (Administrador Civil del Estado). Historian. B.A. in Contemporary History, UCM. M.A. in Diplomacy & International Relations, Diplomatic School of Spain. Main fields of interest and research: European History, European Politics, USA politics, Spanish Contemporary History, Political Parties.

Enric-Sol Brines i Gómez

Policy Researcher and Analyst at OECD. Double B.A. in Political Sciences & Communication, Universitat de Valencia. M.A. in European Union International Relations & Diplomacy, College of Europe. M.A. in Diplomacy & International Relations, Diplomatic School of Spain. Focused on Iberoamerica, the Philippines and the European Union. Main topics of interest: Macroeconomics, politics, international relations and trade.

Marta González Labián

Lawyer and economist. M.A. in International Affairs at Universidad Pontificia Comillas. She learnt about Human Rights protection working for Amnesty International. Currently working in macroeconomics and fixed income.

Diego Abad Cash

BA in Law (Universidad de Buenos Aires). MA in Democracy and Government (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). Currently working at Centro Argentino de Estudios Internacionales (CAEI).

Enrique Roldán Cañizares

Based in Seville. PhD student; title of his thesis: Justice in Spanish Civil War. BA in Law (UPO), BA in Political Sciences (UPO), MA in Constitutional Law (US). Main research topics: Political and legal history of XIX and XX centuries.

Eric Wheeler

Political Scientist. U.S. Fullbright Scholar, Madrid, 2012-2013. Researching US and EU relations with Iran as well as power dynamics in the Middle East and North Africa.

Elisa Rodríguez

Economist (Universitat de Barcelona) and MA in International Relations (Instituto Universitario de Estudios Europeos). Specialized in European Affairs. Former Intern at the Elcano Royal Institute. Now at FRIDE.

Guest Authors

Diego Chapinal Heras

B.A. in Ancient History. M.A in “History and Ancient Sciences”. PhD student; title of his thesis: “Epirus and Dodona. Routes and communications around the sanctuary” (UCM, Madrid).

María Álvarez Estévez

Expert in creativity and image. TV Director at Deportes Cuatro.

Adrián Ibáñez Crespo

Lawyer and journalist. M.A. in Democracy and Government (UAM, Madrid). Currently working at Agencia EFE.

Víctor Fernández Soriano

Researcher at the Institut d’Études Européennes of the ULB, Brussels.

Nicolás Alcalá Schächter

Film director and entrepreneur. “El Cosmonauta” is his opera prima.

Jimena Avejera

Political Scientist. B.A. in Political Sciences, Universidad Nuestra Señora de La Paz. M. A. in Democracy and Government, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Quentin Legouy

Historian, Université Paris-IV Sorbonne & University College London. M.A. in European Studies, Institut d’Études Européennes, Paris VIII. MEP Assistant.

Taulant Hasa.

Journalist. M.A. in Political Sciences (Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales), M.A. in International Politics (UCM, Madrid). Currently a PhD Student, thesis about “the Western Balkans and the integration process in the EU”.

Gloria Liccioli

Journalist. B.A. in political philosophy, M.A. in contemporary history at the University of Florence. Interested about European politics and Middle Eastern conflicts. Currently living in Paris.

Josiellen Rodrigues de Paula

B.A. in Languages (Portuguese-English); M.A. in Internacional Politics, UCM; M.A. in International Law, UCM; M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations, Diplomatic School. Research in Brazilian foreign policy, transatlantic relations, American foreign policy and EU foreign policy.

Aurora Nacarino-Brabo

Journalist (URJC) and political scientist. PhD Candidate, Fundación Ortega. M.A. in Government and Public Administration (Fundación Ortega) and M.A. in Democracy and Government (UAM).

Carlos García Muñoz

Parliamentary Assistant at the Spanish Congress of Deputies in Madrid. Bachelor of Laws, Universitat Jaume I (Spain); BA in Political Science and Administration (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain); MA in Diplomacy and International Relations, Diplomatic School of Spain; MA in European Union and International Studies, Universitat de València (Spain). Focus on International Public Law, European Union Law and Turkish politics.

Huiling Luo

B. A. in Spanish Philology, M.A. in Latin American Studies (Beijing Foreign Studies University), M.A. in Contemporary History (UCM, Madrid), M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations (Diplomatic School of Spain). Currently PhD student at UCM in Contemporary History, specializing in Spanish-Chinese Relations; also working as teacher of Chinese language and culture.

Fiorella Belciu

BA in Political Science (University of Bucharest), MA in Democracy and Government (UAM), MA Program of Diplomacy and International Relations (Diplomatic School of Spain). Currently in Brussels. Her main research topics relate to EU-Latin America bi-regional relations, Latin American integration projects and organizations.

Adriana Maldonado

BA in Business Management, MA in International Economics (UAM). Currently intern at Real Instituto Elcano and at the Spanish Secretary of State for Trade (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).

Diego Sanjurjo García

Researcher / PhD Candidate (UAM). MA in Democracy and Government, MA in International Cooperation, BA in Political and Social Studies. Political Scientist, specialized in public policy and focused on Drug Policy and Criminal Policy.

Dídac Gutiérrez-Peris

Policy Analyst & Researcher at the University of London, postgraduate in European Studies at the LSE & Sciences Po Paris. Blogger.

Mariana González

B.A. in Law. M.A in Democracy and Government. PhD Student in Political Sciences (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Diana Barrantes

Analyst & Researcher. Intern for Yihadist terrorism, the Mediterrean and the Arab World at the Elcano Royal Institute. Soon to be PhD candidate.

Patricia Gamarra

Sworn Translator and Interpreter. MA in International Relations (Instituto Universitario de Estudios Europeos). Currently, Intern for European Affairs at the Elcano Royal Institute.

Manuela Sánchez

BA in Law and Political Science (Université Libre de Bruxelles and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid). Former Intern at the Spanish Embassy in Belgium.

Alba Ambrós

Political Scientist (UCM), MA in Development and International Aid at Complutense Institute of International Studies, specialized in International Relations, focused on Southeast Asia. Currently Communications Assistant at FRIDE.

Jesús Valles Gutiérrez

BA in Political Science and Public Administration (UCM). MA in Diplomacy and International Relations (Diplomatic School) with specialization in Geopolitics and International Security (CESEDEN). Specialist in Crisis Management and Conflict Prevention (IUGM). Former intern at the Spanish Embassy in Copenhagen. Currently MBA student in International Business Management (CECO/ICEX).

Cristina Casabón

Journalist. M.A. in International Relations and Communication. Director of Communication at Instituto de Seguridad Global and Co-founder of Baab Al Shams. She has also worked as a Communications Assistant at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR).

Alba Benito

Double B.A. in International Relations and Translation and Interpreting at Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Intern at Real Instituto Elcano.

Alessio Concettoni

Intern at the Elcano Royal Institute. Master’s Degree student in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs (Bologna – Forlì). BA in Interpreting and Translation (English, Spanish, Italian). Anything that is “international” is interesting for me.

Hugo Cuello

BA in Political Science and major in European Affairs. MPP candidate at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. He worked in Burma as a political risk consultant and in Madrid as communications consultant for ECFR. He is co-founder of CC/Europa and he have published several pieces on EU and SEA affairs in newspapers and journals.